Our Story


Fired Up Arts in much more than a business...it's literally a family. Tim & Havah Felker started Fired Up Arts in 2017, they have four children, they are pastors of Father's House OC church in Huntington Beach CA, they are passionate about foster care and adoption, and they love to be creative.

Tim began studying ceramics at the age 15 when he took his first ceramics class in high school. Tim also met a young lady at his home church named Havah. They began dating in 1997 and were inseparable from the start.

As Tim developed his craft over the coming years this allowed him to start selling his work. After his first major ceramic sale while in college, Tim was able to buy an engagement ring for Havah and propose to her. She said yes! They were married by their early 20's and began their life together.  In their first few years of marriage they lived in the married dorms at Vanguard University as they finished up their schooling. Havah completed her BA in liberal studies and received her graduates degree in education a year later. At this time Tim finished his general education at OCC and transferred to Vanguard to pursue his calling in the ministry. 

20 years later they are still loving life together, using their gift of creativity to create works of art, and empowering others to live an abundant life of creativity.  In any given week you can find Tim and Havah working with clay in their home studio, volunteering at their kid’s school, coaching their kid’s sports, loving on people at their church, having fun selling their work at a pop-up craft sale, hosting neighborhood parties, and hanging at the beach with their kids. Fired Up Arts is all about living life to the fullest and releasing creativity wherever they go.

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