Fired Up Arts

Terms and Conditions

Dear Parents and Students,

Please completely read all of our terms, conditions, safety and classroom rules before registering for class. The following has been put in place to provide a safe environment for learning.


1. Perform only those activities in which they have received instructions and permission.

2. Use only materials and equipment authorized by the instructor.

3. Follow written and verbal instructions carefully.

4. Always ask for permission before accessing supplies, ceramic materials and tools.

5. Prepare for class by having on appropriate clothing for a workshop (you will get dirty) and your completed homework when assigned.

6. IMMEDIATELY report to your instructor any accidents or unplanned events which occur.

7. Never put ceramic materials, clays, glazes or tools used for ceramics in your mouth.

8. Check labels and equipment instructions carefully. Ask for help if you have any questions.

9. Know the location of emergency equipment in the room.

10. Never use classroom equipment without permission. Kilns are not to be touched at all unless instructed to.

11. Keep sinks and work areas clean.  Clean up your materials after class.

12. Absolutely no horseplay or rough housing will be tolerated.


1. Disruptive or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. The first warning will be between the instructor and the student. If there is a second incident, the instructor will talk directly to the parents. In the case of further incidents, the student will be expelled from the class and his/her tuition will not be returned.

2. Respect others in the classroom, including their property.

3. Never use classroom equipment without permission. Kilns are not to be touched at all unless instructed to.

4. No eating or drinking in the classroom.

5. Safety rules will be enforced at all times.

6. Treat the classroom and equipment with care and respect (i.e. no defacing studio property)

7. Students are responsible for their own actions at all times.

8. Parents are responsible for replacement of any items broken, or any damage to the facility sustained as a result of your child’s behavior.


  1. Parents are encouraged to drop off their student at the studio and return at the end of class due to space. If other accommodations are needed please talk with one of the instructors.
  2. Be sure that Fired Up Arts has all updated contact info before dropping off students. 
  3. If there are approved friends or other family members who have permission to pick up your student please provide a written note to the staff of who is picking up your child and include their contact info.
  4. Students are not allowed in any other rooms besides ceramic studio and hallway restroom.
  5. Parents must pick up all students on time. Parents can be charged $5 per minute if student is left longer than 5 minutes after class is over and fee will need to be paid in cash before the next class session.
  6. Fired Up Arts designed class curriculum for specific age ranges. We kindly request that age limits be respected.
  7. If your child is going to be absent please call, text or email the instructor.



Image and Likeness Release Agreement

I, the undersigned, declare that my image and likeness may be used by Fired Up Arts for promotional purposes on their web site, social media and/or in printable form. The following rights are waived by the undersigned: The right to make claim of ownership or suit against FIRED UP ARTS, all or in part for the reproduction, use or intent to generate revenue with the aforementioned photos. The following rights are retained by FIRED UP ARTS: Reproduction of said image(s) in future works of their own, such as books, lectures, and marketing or public relations preferences.

FIRED UP ARTS also retains the rights to include the article on their Web site or in future publications. Electronic or print copies may be made for commercial and non-commercial personal or classroom use.

*If the subject is under 18, the legally recognized parent or guardian must sign.

*This document is legally binding.

*Each reasonable photo subject must file a signed release.

I have read and understand the safety and class rules and Photo Release Form outlined herein. I understand that failure to comply with these rules means that I forfeit my opportunity to participate in further classes. FIRED UP ARTS (including all teachers who work for Fired Up Arts) will not be held liable or responsible for any injuries sustained by my child.

Please check the box on the Registration page to agree to the terms and conditions.

If you have a special circumstance regarding the photo release form please inform us via email and we will respect your request.  Please sign the Safety and Class Rules form regardless.


Refunds are issued within the following guidelines:

 A full refund (including nonrefundable deposit) for a class will be issued if a student is not admitted to the class due to space limitations or if the class is cancelled due to low enrollment.

 Families are eligible for a 50% refund if a student withdraws after orientation (first class of course).

 No refunds will be given if a written withdrawn letter is not submitted after the first class and before the second class starts.

 Funds are non-transferable, and cannot be credited towards another class, except in cases where a class is closed due to low enrollment. In this case, families are eligible to receive a full refund, or credit towards another course.

 Missed classes are not refunded. There are no makeup lessons offered for missed classes. Classes are non-transferable; i.e. students cannot send a sibling or another family member in their place.

Payment Methods – We accept personal checks, cash, or Paypal.

Non-sufficient funds fee for bounced check: $30.00.

Families who have an outstanding balance will not be allowed to attend classes.